5 Austin Spots to Upgrade Your Foodstagram

Foodstagram, (n.): an Instagram account used solely to display beautiful photos of food and drink-based content.

Story by Christy Zhu

California and New York are known to be some of America’s tastiest cities. Since the advancement of technology, social media platforms have played a major role in the world of food and drink. The foodie scene in Texas has been on the rise lately — categorizing Austin as one of the most popular locations for eaters to flock and get a taste.

Famous Instagram foodies, such as @atasteofkoko and @austinfoodstagram, have accumulated thousands of followers since documenting Austin hot spots with vivid presentations of local foods and drinks.


Sa-Ten Coffee and Eats

Bldg 3, Ste 101, 916 Springdale Rd

Photo courtesy of @amandayiwong

Photo courtesy of @amandayiwong

Japanese-inspired, rich drinks, and funky wallpaper— Sa-Ten Coffee and Eats rooted itself in in Austin in April 2013 under the leadership of Moto Utsunomiya of East Side King and Kayo Asazu of Kome and Daruma Ramen.

Sa-Ten is a locally-owned coffee shops that lives up to the hype. Serving creamy coffee and delectable pastries, the coffee shop also offers a fantastic menu of Japanese- American fusion dishes that are not only delicious, but also visually appealing. Their Springdale location is the perfect place to beef up your foodstagram feed. Based on a love for toys and coffee, the cafe was whimsically crafted to bring back childhood memories and old-school vibes. From their funky squirrel wallpaper to their TV aquarium, everything about this coffee shop is instagrammable inside and out!

Although hidden away in the Canopy art studio complex, Sa-Ten is always booming and filled with locals chatting away, holding business meetings or having casual lunch. Previously occupied by Kome, Sa-Ten has recently added a second location on Airport Boulevard due to their popularity.



506 West Ave

Photo courtesy of @irenesaustin

Photo courtesy of @irenesaustin

Located near West 5th Street, Irene’s is the fourth restaurant opened by the ELM Restaurant Group. This funky restaurant is widely known for serving a various selection of casual drinks and hearty comfort food, from biscuits to pot roasts to cocktails.

Perfect for dining any time of day, Irene’s caters to the morning few and late night wanderers of Austin. Get a taste of their tangy Spinach and Artichoke Dip or a hearty Hot Ham and Cheese sandwich served on Easy Tiger sourdough bread.

With its iconic, neon pink sign placed in front of an ivy backdrop, Irene’s can easily be spotted from afar. Voted as one of Austin’s “Best New Instagram Opportunities” by Austin Chronicle, this picturesque entrance is definitely worth a snap!


Wild Chix and Waffles

7714 Burnet Rd

Photo courtesy of @atasteofkoko

Photo courtesy of @atasteofkoko

Previously known as The Factory - Cafe with a Soul, this fast-casual brunch spot serves everything from chicken and waffles to rich teas, coffee drinks and beers. Since rebranding to Wild Chix and Waffles, The Factory later created its own space inside the restaurant, continuing to serve their delightful beverages inside the uniquely decorated interior. Rustic-lit wood tables, built-in swings and a playful mural of celebrities towering above the cafe provide whimsical opportunities to add to your Instagram feed.

Think sweet and warm, in a cozy inclusive environment. This eatery screams hipster and Instagram-worthy. With dainty lights hung in an inconsistent manner, comfortable chairs and couches, and delicious waffles topped with chicken, Wild Chix and Waffles is a literal feast for the eyes and your feed! At any angle, you are bound to acquire a Instagram approved photo.


Blenders & Bowls

1625 E 6th St

Photo courtesy of @thefoodtwinz

Photo courtesy of @thefoodtwinz

Although there are 3 locations of Blenders & Bowls in Austin, the space on 6th Street is most picturesque for aspiring foodies. Produced by the combined passion of two best friends, Blenders & Bowls is a local favorite for health advocates and food enthusiasts alike. B & B specializes in natural smoothies and organic bowls of acai topped with granola, brightly-colored fresh fruits and natural sweetener.

The clean decor and naturally-lit interior all contributes to an insta-worthy space. While some tables are decorated with a motivational phrase, such as “Good Vibes” and “Be Stoked,” there are also minimalistic walls perfect for snapping photos of those guilt-free bowls of goodness.


Gelateria Gemelli

1009 E. 6th St.

Photo courtesy of @jesuismoi

Photo courtesy of @jesuismoi

After returning from a trip to Italy and studying the ins and outs of gelato, Andrew Sabola signed a lease that sparked the birth of Gelateria Gemelli. This hip and modern Italian-style gelato shop and bar takes the local pastry scene pretty seriously. From scooping up housemade gelatos to serving a large list of amaro, beer, and cocktails, Gemelli is the perfect place for any occasion.

Located in the Corazon building of E. 6th Street, Gemelli’s modern, black-and-white interior is perfect for visitors to capture their next aesthetically pleasing photo. Served in a cute ramekin and topped with a tiny, gold spoon, this gelato shop is a dessert destination for the books.