Which Potato “Apeels” to Your Personality?

Potatoes are one of the most versatile vegetables out there. You can eat them baked, mashed, fried, boiled, scalloped, you name it. Wouldn't you like to know what version of the ever-glorious potato you are?

Quiz by Emily Katelyn Mercer


1. It’s finally the weekend! What are your plans?

A. Thinking about the homework that I have due on Monday, but ignoring it until the last second
B. Hitting up all of my friends and partying all weekend
C. Getting a good night’s rest for my morning workout
D. Planning or doing a photoshoot
E. Staying in bed and watching Netflix


2. What word best describes you?

A. Stressed
B. Carefree
C. Active
D. Artistic
E. Relaxed


3. What is your favorite holiday?

A. Christmas, because winter break
B. New Year’s Eve, because of the parties
C. Labor Day, because I can take the day off
D. Halloween, because of all the quirky traditions
E. Thanksgiving, because FOOD


4. It’s your birthday! You choose to celebrate by…

A. Staying out too late, forgetting about that big paper and having to submit it at 11:59 p.m.
B. Throwing the biggest birthday bash and inviting the entire school
C. Waking up early to watch the sunrise
D. Grabbing desserts at Whole Foods and watching your favorite films
E. Using Favor to order Halal Bros


5. What is your favorite food?

A. Iced coffee because I’m convinced it’s a meal
B. An appetizer sampler because I like a little bit of everything
C. A yummy salad -- I feel re-energized!
D. Anything that makes for a good Instagram Boomerang
E. Ben & Jerry’s, Diet Coke, cookies and fries


6. What do your music playlists look like?

A. Mostly study vibes that I still get distracted by
B. Songs I can dance to!
C. Upbeat music that keeps me in high spirits
D. Up-and-coming Soundcloud producers
E. I just listen to the radio


7. What is your major?

A. STEM-related
B. Undeclared because I’m experiencing as much as possible!
C. Anatomy, kinesiology or nutrition
D. Studio art, architecture, design or theater production
E. Figuring it out, no rush.


8. What is your dream pet?

A. Too busy to take care of living things.
B. Anything fluffy and adorable!
C. A large dog
D. A miniature pig
E. A goldfish



If you got mostly As…

You are a baked potato! You bear quite a lot of responsibilities on your shoulders! Make sure to take a step back from school stressors and find some alone time. Don’t forget that self-care is extremely important. Try not to top yourself with too many commitments at once!

Photo Courtesy of PopSugar

Photo Courtesy of PopSugar


If you got mostly Bs…

You are curly fries! Everyday is “Fryday” for you! You’re the one to liven up any group gathering. Everyone wants to be your friend because you are committed to having the best time possible and living life to the fullest. You are enthusiastic about everything and everyone! Keep being you and keep on fryin’ on.

Photo Courtesy of Recipe This

Photo Courtesy of Recipe This



If you got mostly Cs…

You are hashbrowns! You’re an early riser and definitely a morning person. You like to take care of your mental and physical health, and hash out your worries in workout routines. You’ll never be caught out late at night because you like to get your beauty rest!

Photo Courtesy of Better Recipes

Photo Courtesy of Better Recipes



If you got mostly Ds…

You are scalloped potatoes! You’re really into pleasing aesthetics and friends regard you as one-of-a-kind. Whether you’re snapping new photos or discovering underground music, on a “scallop” 1-10, you’re most definitely an 11.

Photo Courtesy of Idaho Potato Commission

Photo Courtesy of Idaho Potato Commission



If you got mostly Es…

You are mashed potatoes! A lover of staying in and recharging, you enjoy being by yourself and taking the time to wind down. You’re a Netflix “mash”-ter and have a secret stash of late-night snacks that you may dig into every now and then. Being a couch potato is great, but don’t forget about the cool world outside!

Photo Courtesy of Hellman’s

Photo Courtesy of Hellman’s