Quiz: How to Ace This Year's Gift Exchange

The holiday season is a time to show appreciation for the special people in life. Mom may leave hints in the family group chat, and best friends may repost not-so-subtle hints on social media, but what about the people who are a little less clear? Where is the wish list for the girls in 8 a.m’s who give you all their notes after a missed class, or for the bae that isn’t bae yet, but you’ve already planned the wedding? If you can’t figure out the right gift for this year’s Secret Santa party, take this quiz for some next-level ideas.

By Rheagan Kearney

  1. How long have you known this person?

    A. Not sure, they just showed up one day and never left.

    B. Oh, just 3 months, 28 days, 5 hours, and 36 minutes. But who’s counting?

    C. A semester.

    D. Maybe we met at that one party? Or maybe a game?

  2. Do you plan on continuing this friendship in 2019?

    A. No question about it.

    B. Currently crossing all fingers, toes, and eyelashes in hopes that I do.

    C. If I’m lucky, we’ll have another class together.

    D. They haven’t given me a reason not to.

  3. What’s the communication like?

    A. We have a snap streak, DM memes on Twitter, and boost each other in Insta comments.

    B. Alexa, play ‘Everyday’ by Ariana Grande.

    C. We talk when necessary.

    D. If we see each other on the street, we’ll speak.

  4. What will you do the next time you hang out?

    A. Well, they’re sitting next to me while I take this so… chill?

    B. Define hang out. Are we talking Netflix, coffee, or pretending to study?

    C. We’ll see each other in class or at a study group.

    D. We don’t usually set plans.

  5. When do you plan to give it to them?

    A. During a tearful goodbye before leaving for break.

    B. We’re meeting up the night before winter break starts.

    C. On the last class day.

    D. At the gift exchange event.

  6. If you had to karaoke with this person what would you sing?

    A. Choose any pop queen. We came ready to SLAY.

    B. “My Boo” by Usher ft. Alicia Keys.

    C. The legendary “High School Musical” soundtrack.

    D. Everyone knows “Sweet Caroline” right? I can bring the Migos’ ad libs to the table.

  7. Can you drop hints to get ideas?

    A. I could, but I want it to be special.

    B. I don’t know how to be subtle about it.

    C. Sure, if I have time.

    D. I would if it wasn’t ‘rude’.

  8. Can you ask their friends what they like?

    A. That’s the whole reason I’m taking this quiz.

    B. I could, but what if they tell them and it’s weird?

    C. I don’t know their friends.

    D. We have a few mutuals I could talk to.

  9. Are you expecting a gift in return?

    A. Most likely.

    B. Hopefully!

    C. I’d be surprised.

    D. I’m definitely getting a gift back, whether or not it’s from them is pure chance.

  10. How will you react if you don’t get a gift back?

    A. I won’t be mad, but I might roast them a little.

    B. Embarrassment won’t even define it, but I’m willing to put myself out there.

    C. That ain’t no problem.

    D. No biggie.


Mostly A’s

A gift basket is the perfect way to customize the perfect gift! Include their favorites or an ode to inside jokes from the many memories you have together. A basket can also have a theme. For a self- care basket add face masks, scrubs, and their favorite snack. For a movie night basket pick up a cult classic film from Half Priced Books, add popcorn, their favorite drink, and candy. Whatever you put in the basket, they’ll know you took the time to think about them.

Mostly B’s

Choose one of your favorites, whether that be a book, movie, or album they haven’t had the chance to experience. One of the most effective ways to solidify a relationship is by sharing the things you love with another person. Make sure to let them know why this piece is so important to you. They could love it and you can continue to plan that wedding. It could be hit or miss, but if they spent the time to experience it, they spent the time to get a little bit closer to you.

Mostly C’s

A candy card gives the chance to show off clever writing skills and creativity. Fill a mason jar with candy and label the jar with a pun that shows appreciation for the role they play in your life. For example, label a jar of Jolly Ranchers with ‘This semester would have sucked without you! Have a holly jolly holiday!’ Simple, but make it sweet.

Mostly D’s

Get that cop-out gift card. The truth is, no one is mad about getting something for free or at least at a discounted price. Given the opportunity to scope out some favorites from their friends, take it, but don’t be afraid to try the stress-free option of gift giving.