The A-List of YouTube Cooking Channels

No need to spend all day searching for the perfect cooking channel, ORANGE Magazine pulls a list of our favorites. Take a peek!

Story by Rachitha Jadala

There is a vast world of cooking on the multimedia platform, YouTube. Whether frozen meals are the go-to, or you are looking to experiment in the kitchen, this list has a channel for everyone.


Buzzfeed’s Tasty is one of the most popular YouTube food channels. Tasty makes overhead instructional videos that populate every social media platform. These videos show viewers how to create simple dishes with minimal ingredients through a unique angle.

Much of Tasty’s content is catered towards amateur cooks by offering simple methods and working with accessible ingredients. Sweets, appetizers and meal plans are made easier. Tasty also released a series that follows producers and the challenges they face as experimental chefs. This series is an entertaining and humorous way to appreciate food for beginners.

Avant Garde Vegan

Hosted by Gaz Oakley, Avant Garde Vegan is a channel dedicated to veganism. Oakley narrates his recipes as he films, entertaining viewers with his charming personality. However, he has more than an accent and a goofy personality to offer.

Oakley creates various vegan recipes that are more than just vegan versions of animal-based meals. Instead, Oakley brings a complex elevation to veganism, proving that deliciousness doesn’t have to be compromised. The recipes have ingredients that are not common pantry items. This is a fantastic starting place for vegans who want to spice up their meals. Oakley’s beautiful plating skills and well-seasoned dishes are definitely worth the challenge his recipes may pose.

Pick Up Limes

Pick Up Limes is run by Sadia Badiei. As a vegan dietetics graduate, Badiei provides her followers with easy recipes that are both vegan and nutritionally beneficial. Badiei is warm and comforting in her videos, and gives a full background on why she picks certain nutritious ingredients. This channel is great for anyone transitioning to a vegan lifestyle, or even considering cutting a few meat-based meals out of their diet. Pick Up Limes provides simple recipes as well as meal prepping ideas that would fit into the busy life of a student, always on the go.

Bon Appetit

Bon Appetit is hosted by multiple people, each sharing their stylistic flares in videos. This variety is entertaining and brings an assortment of personality into each video as chefs walk through their recipes. The channel caters to individuals willing to invest a little more time and effort into their work. However, “BA’s Best” is a series that focuses on basic recipes, giving amateurs space to engage with the channel. This is a practical place to start venturing into the world of cooking, especially because these recipes require less than 10 ingredients. In addition to this series, Bon Appetit produces series that are entertaining and educational such as It’s Alive with Brad Leon and Keeping Up with a Professional Chef.

Binging with Babish

Binging with Babish is hosted by Andrew Rea. Rea creates recipes based off iconic movies, TV shows and other pop culture references. Some examples include iCarly’s Spaghetti Tacos and Rachel’s Trifle from Friends. In addition to the nostalgic allusions to media, this channel also uploads Basics with Babish, a series that recreates foundational dishes and techniques for viewers. Rea’s categorization of playlists makes his channel very viewer friendly. Some playlists include easy, difficult, vegetarian, cheap and more. His videos are narrated through voiceover, and the filming focuses solely on the cooking process. Although Andrew’s face is cut out of frame, it is clear that his inviting humor and smooth voice have quickly popularized his channel.

Peaceful Cuisine

Based in Japan, Ryoya Takashima makes beautiful cuisine and drinks within the comfort of his home. His videos consist of minimal talking and instruction. Instead, they focus on the visuals and audio of the cooking process. The captions of ingredients are often the only source of guidance that viewers are given through the video (further instructions are listed in the description box). This is perfect for those that fancy the idea of cooking, but are not sprinting to the kitchen anytime soon. Ryoya brilliantly combines the beauty of cooking with satisfying noises that are ASMR-worthy. This channel is a great way to relax and enjoy the mesmerizing art of cooking in action.