Summer Getaway: Packing Guide

Summer is finally here! For those of you that are traveling, either going back home or flying to a far away land, here is a guide to how to pack your carry on bag with everything you will need.

By Adi Gonzalez-Carlos

1. Check the weather of your destination

It is as easy as opening the Weather App on your phone and searching your destination. This will give you an idea on how the weather will look like in the near future and what to take to be prepared.

2. Pack basics

Always take basic items that are easy to match with different outfits like a white or a black tee or a pair of jeans. Don’t forget a pair of comfortable shoes! If you are limited in space this will allow you to take fewer items since you can make more outfits with less.

3. Plan your outfits

Planning your outfits will prevent you from taking things that do not match with anything and over-packing. Take one to two outfits for each day you will be there and for the kind of activities you have planned. Pack the outfits together so they are easier to take out of your bag/suitcase when you need them.

4. Separate by categories

Having a bag for undergarments, a bag for bathing suits and a bag for accessories will make it easier to know where everything is. It will also help you avoid losing any small items in your bag and making a mess when looking for them. Also, if you are flying, do not forget to have a clear, small bag for your liquids!

5. Take extras for emergencies

Be prepared for the unexpected. If you have a little extra space and are worried of not taking enough, take an extra outfit or a couple of extra items that may come in handy if you run out of clean clothes while you are away.

6. Finally, travel in style.

This is also a way to take useful items without them taking space in your carry-on bag. Here is some inspiration. Don’t forget to take a picture!