Concert Review: Carlie Hanson

Pop artist Carlie Hanson prepared the crowd at Emo’s Sunday night as she opened up for the indie rock band, Bad Suns. Her energy and wicked moves could’ve fooled anyone, she was the headliner as far as we’re concerned.

Story by Hayli Rudolph

Photo courtesy of Seattle Music News

Photo courtesy of Seattle Music News

The Wisconsin native came in swinging with her band at 8pm sharp. As soon as her feet met center stage, it was game time. Opening up with the her 2017 single “Why Did You Lie?,” she demanded reciprocated energy and she got it.

“How are you fucking doing tonight Austin?,” the 18-year old screamed moments after kicking off her opening song.

Behind her was her fresh face shirtless drummer rocking a yellow beanie and a keyboardist meets guitarist wearing sunglasses, inside might I add. The grunge-y hip look of the band gave true 90s vibes topped a radio ready sound.

Hanson moved in unison with every beat as if it embodied her, as fans mimicked each move. The evening was filled with songs about lies, bad habits and first loves, relatable topics that resonated with every music lover in the room.

She slowed down the evening with a song about a friend who started going down a bad route in her life, consumed with partying, drinking and drugs. Being the good friends she is, she wrote a song praising her beloved friend, called “Hazel.” When the song came to a close, the room was in a total sway state of mind.

“Fuck that sad shit, lets get nasty baby!,” the singer proclaimed as she sent the crowd into a frenzy.

As the night came to a close, she instructed the audience to raise their middle fingers for the chorus of the final song, “Us.” Obedient, hands were raised wall to wall. Arms vibrated with excited in every direction. With no care in the world, fans danced and smiled as the final notes dissipated into the magic of the evening.