Tacotopia: Pop-Up Art and Food Exhibition

You will definitely ask for tacos after visiting the most immersive and Instagrammable pop-up art exhibition that celebrates tacos in a three-dimensional way.

Story by Laura Rivas

Photos by Maya Dandashi

From the creative minds of “The Art of Ice Cream Experience,” a whole new concept revolving the most exquisite dish from the Mexican cuisine has been created to make everyone’s Instagram pop up like never before.

Tacotopia has arrived in Austin through a company called West 54 Media Group from Scottsdale, Arizona, which has created a large number of weekend festivals. Since Austin is big on tacos, the exhibition made sense for the crowd and was a unique and fun experience. The event featured several environments with installations like “The Goddess of Tacos,” “Señorita Needs a Margarita” lime swing, “Pico De Gallo in the Pico Pit” colossal bowl of foam and much more.

Smash Designs and Local artists were involved in coming up together with the creation and fabrication of the colorful walls, giant three-dimensional displays and cool exhibitions that attractively welcome all ages to come a have a great time. “Working here is like working at a circus because when you walk through you see so many different types of people,” says Katie Pineda, employee at Tacotopia. “There are like soccer moms with their kids running around, and there are people who come with a million outfit changes.”

From beginning to end, everything you will see inside is as photogenic as interactive. People can wear red pepper hats in their heads, play on a taco-themed seesaw, and sit on an avocado seat next to a big nacho. For those hungry individuals, you get free tacos as well.

One attendee shared her thoughts about the fascinating idea of tacos being displayed all over the place. Student at Texas State University, Josefina Alfaro, says she didn’t know what this whole idea was about. She was excited to come in and discover it all after finding out that it was the perfect place to take pictures, and of course, eat tacos. “Cholula is hosting it, and that’s my favorite hot sauce,” Alfaro says.

The sponsors of the exhibition, Cholula Hot Sauce, has a cool spot at Tacotopia where anyone can try their hot sauce. So, if you go, do not forget to get your mouth burn in the different levels of spiciness and flavors.

And the fun certainly won’t stop here. The installation is also traveling to Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, and New York to deliver the most engaging experience and their intense love for tacos.