10 Essential Baking Tools

Master the art of baking with an array of simple tools.

Story by Rachitha Jadala

Baking is often portrayed as a complex culinary skill that only professionals can tackle. However, most of the work in baking is done by unique tools and a timer. Minimizing work done by hand increases your chances of a successful treat and decreases stress and fatigue in the kitchen. By cutting out unnecessary guess work, anyone can create baked goods that’ll have even Mary Berry impressed.

1. Pastry Cutter

Photo courtesy of Sur La Table

Photo courtesy of Sur La Table

This tool is structured with a metal piece equipped with bent wires. Pastry cutters evenly incorporate solid fats into flour mixtures.This contraption is necessary for flaky treats in which small pieces of butter form layers in the pastry. Biscuits, scones, and croissants all benefit in taste and appearance from a pastry cutter.

2. Sifter

Sifters are gadgets that shake fine ingredients through a mesh strainer. A sifter can elevate baked recipes by aiding the process of mixing. Using a sifter aerates and rids the ingredients of clumps. Sifting dry ingredients like flour, baking powder, cocoa, and powdered sugar, ensure that they will easily combine together. Skipping this step makes the addition of wet ingredients more difficult and risks an unwanted consistency in the finished product.

3. Parchment Paper

Parchment paper is extremely underrated in the world of baking. The number of cakes ruined by an inadequately greased pans is devastatingly high. This dilemma can be completely avoided by lining pans with parchment paper before pouring in batter. This tactic allows the cake to easily slide out of the pan. Additionally, parchment paper can be used to line larger pans used for baking smaller pastries. A simple spatula will easily release pastries from the lining without

4. Metal Bench Scraper

Courtesy of Williams Sonoma

Courtesy of Williams Sonoma

A bench scraper is a rectangular piece of smooth metal attached to a handle. However, the simplicity of this tool is immensely helpful to divide sticky dough without making a mess of the kitchen. Bench scrapers are also be used to scrape flour off counter tops, or ingredients off a cutting board with ease. Bench scrapers are a practical tool that keep work surfaces clean and dough handling easy.

5.  Whisk

This utensil is made of metal loops attached to the end of a handle. It is used to mix ingredients smoothly and completely together. Whisks are used to incorporate air into the mixture in order to create a fluffier and more aerated consistency. This is a valuable tool in a kitchen that does not posses an electric stand mix.

6. Springform Cake Pan

Courtesy of Grainger

Courtesy of Grainger

This pan is both aesthetically and practically pleasing. A springform is a circular pan that possesses a latch on the circumference. This enables bakers to pour batter into the enclosed pan and unlatch when the product is cooked through. This removes the entire circumference, leaving a beautifully exposed cake floating on the base platform. These pans are popularly used for cheesecakes as they are fragile. Having this pan takes presentation to the next level and diminishes any room for error when removing cakes from their pan.

7. Tapered Rolling Pin

This French-style utensil can be used to evenly roll out dough that can be used to make pie, pizza, and puff pastry. Tapered rolling pins are effortless to maneuver, making this the ideal rolling pin for baking beginners. The tapered edges provide more visibility and better allow beginners to spot-check progress while working.

8. Grated Cooling Rack

Ice baked goods neat and effectively by placing finished products on a grated rack. Cooling is an integral phase in the baking process. Icing treats before the cooling process is complete creates a runny mess. Utilizing a grated rack for this process allows for air to surround all sides of the finished product. This strategy results in even cooling and a smaller waiting period.

9. Silicone Spatula

Spatulas are a universal tool that can be used to stir, scrape, and fold batter during the incorporation process. Silicone spatulas are gentle and allow for ingredients to be incorporated into a batter without dismantling the ingredients themselves. This is ideal when adding chocolate, fruits, nuts, or other chunky ingredients into a smooth-textured mixture.

10. Dry and Liquid Measuring Cups

Baking can be described as a science due to the importance of precise measuring. Ignoring the distinction between wet and dry measuring cups is a devastating yet common mistake. By investing in both measuring sets and using them appropriately, even novice bakers can achieve desired consistencies.