ACL: Limitless Fashion

Austin City Limits is known for its musical performances, but the stand out fashion is certainly a close runner up. With Zilker Park packed with thousands of people, it is no surprise this festival is the perfect place to find unique individuals dressed in stylish outfits. From flowy sundresses to patched denim, this year’s styles did not disappoint.

By Samantha Favela

Who: Bryn from Bellville, Texas.

What: Excited to see LCD SoundSystem and Young the Giant.

Wear: The necessities for a music filled day: a floppy hat, a romper, and booties.


Who: Sarah from Houston, Texas.

What: Excited to see Catfish and the Bottlemen.

Wear: Nothing makes a statement like bright red, polka dots, and patched denim.


Who: Ashley from Austin, Texas.

What: Excited to see LCD SoundSystem.

Wear: Beat the heat with an off--the--shoulder dress and the necessary water bottle.  


Who: Michelle from Austin, Texas.

What: Excited to see LCD SoundSystem.

Wear: Feel the breeze with a t-shirt sundress and the perfect pair of sunglasses.


Who: Ploy from Thailand.

What: Excited to see LCD SoundSystem.

Wear: A sparkle vest and a chic hat are the perfect accessories to dress up any pair of jeans.


Who: Steven from Austin, Texas.

What: Excited to see Bob Moses.

Wear: Stand out from the crowd with stripes and a great hat.


Who: Mariana from El Paso, Texas

What: Excited to see Mumford & Sons

Wear: An ACL outfit is not complete without a bit of floral and fringe.

The hippie style was definitely still evident at this year’s festival, but that did not stop the music lovers from putting their own twist on the trend. With an array of rompers, floppy hats, and booties, ACL attendees kept the bohemian chic strong while still keeping the trend fresh. And this year proved the best accessory is always a great smile. With outfits as unique as the people at ACL, it seems the dress code really has no limit.