The Best Fictional Couples on Television

The relatable and familiar feeling we’ve all experienced while watching our favorite characters fall in love has allowed us to live vicariously through each romance as if it was our own. Each episode becomes a stepping stone, and each scene a forecast: When will they kiss? Are they in love? Will they stay together?

ORANGE has compiled a list of our favorite TV couples in the hopes that we may also one day find the love shared by our favorite television characters.

Story by Sayuri Kolombege


Jim and Pam—The Office

Okay let’s get the big one out of the way, shall we? The couple that taught us that timing is everything and that love can require  some elbow grease.
Jenna Fischer and John Krasinski may not have ended up together, but the relationship Pam Beesly and Jim Halpert created on the set of “The Office” is what we all fantasize about. With obstacles ranging from another engagement to a transfer to the Stamford branch, their affection withstood it all, and is truly be a love story for the ages.

Marshall and Lily—How I Met Your Mother

These two invented the word chemistry. Seriously, no other TV couple has ever been more in sync with one another than Marshall Eriksen and Lily Aldrin. Like all the great duos, they had their fair share of hard times, including calling off the engagement and Lily moving to San Francisco. But, their love prevailed in the end. Eriksen and Aldrin showed us what it was like to be in love with your best friend, and we enjoyed every moment of it.


Brittany and Santana—Glee

Glee took us all on a rollercoaster of emotion.  The show made us question countless couples, wondering if they were right for each other or if each relationship was healthy, but we never questioned Brittany and Santana. We watched a friendship turn into a wholesome relationship, and felt every bit as invested in their forever-after when they buckled down and got hitched.

Cece and Schmidt—New Girl

Despite the fact that Schmidt and Cece’s relationship felt a bit rushed by the fourth season, coupled with the trauma of the affair not getting the screen time it deserved they still managed to pull off a romance that had us blushing throughout the whole ordeal. There was something about their will-they-won’t-they scenes that kept us coming back each week.


Monica and Chandler—Friends

They are the perfect example of a team. The amount of support and validation that goes into their relationship is unparalleled by any other. But let’s face it, when put alongside Ross and Rachel, any relationship would look functional.


Leslie and Ben—Parks and Recreation

Talk about character development.a relationship that began with a little resentment due to some pretty heavy budget cuts to Leslie’s department by Ben himself, blossomed into one of the most awkwardly fun-loving romances that we got the pleasure of sitting through. These two just simply clicked, and they taught us the beauty of being completely yourself with who you love.


Vivian and Phil—The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Alright, I know what you’re all thinking (season four), but let’s focus on the relationship itself. The actress changed but the marriage didn’t, and it proved to be a model for what a healthy and functioning partnership should look like. Aunt Viv and Uncle Phil sculpted the perfect give and take relationship and we’d all do well by striving to achieve something like they had.


Virginia and Burt—Raising Hope

These high school sweethearts make dysfunctionality look oh so good. It’s not every day that we look at a marriage that’s riddled with lies and trickery and think “goals,” but somehow Burt and Virginia Hope keep us rooting for them. They’re never right, but they’re right for each other. If bickering is a sign of affection, these two are a match made in heaven


Cam and Mitch—Modern Family

These two, unlike our previous duo, have no problem in the honesty department. They don’t shy away from confrontation but always end up putting  the other one first. Tough love is still love but when the dust settles and  they’ve both still got each other’s best interest in mind.

Last on our list, but certainly not the least and my personal favorite:

Turk and J.D.—Scrubs

Listen, you can fight me tooth and nail on the legitimacy of this couple but they’re adoration for one another surpasses the rest on this list. Love isn’t always romantic, but the warmth and fondness that radiated between these partners-in-crime almost always blurred the lines.
These two best friends were the embodiment of acceptance and understanding and have  earned ORANGE’s stamp of approval for one of TV’s best couples.

Honorable Mention:

Turk and Carla—Scrubs

It’s tough knowing that you have to share your husband’s heart with another man, but Carla dealt. And in a show that introduced us to nearly as many couples as Grey’s Anatomy, these two were a nice constant to rely on  for nine seasons.