5 UT-Themed Halloween Costumes

Halloween weekend can be stressful. With multiple parties to attend, you’re faced with frantic trips to a Halloween store (one that’s actually an abandoned retail space) to find a different costume for each party.  Instead of wearing the same outfit with a different pair of animal ears, ORANGE is here to help you spice things up. Check out these 5 spooky (and questionable) UT-themed Halloween costumes.  

Story by Audrey Marlett

Illustrations by Jac Alford


The Albino Squirrel

The albino squirrel is a campus treasure. Fortunately, it’s also an easy costume option. All you need is a white fur vest, a white T-shirt and some eyeliner to draw on whiskers. If you want to truly embody the sacred squirrel, wear red contact lenses and the transformation will be complete.


The Tower

Dressing up as the UT Tower is truly the epitome of school spirit. Draw windows on an old T-shirt or cardboard box and carry orange glow sticks. To be extra convincing, sing a song or chant every hour, just like the tower.


Perry-Castaneda Library

Because you’re the voice of reason, follow your friends around as the PCL to serve as an ominous reminder that they still have tests the following week. To complete this look, wear a gray t-shirt and carry a stack of books. Cry intermittently throughout the night to  convey the sad and spooky atmosphere of the PCL.



As our beloved mascot, Bevo is one of the most iconic symbols of UT. Find a cowboy hat, a generic burnt orange T-shirt, and make horns out of white construction paper. These three simple elements will make you the most effortlessly cool and school-spirited Bevo out there.


Littlefield Fountain

Littlefield Fountain is one of the most recognizable and majestic parts of the UT campus. To convey the various elements of the fountain, wear a T-shirt with a picture of horses, find a pair of angel wings at a thrift store, and carry a spray bottle. You can’t be a convincing Littlefield Fountain without constantly spraying people with water throughout Halloween evening. For those who are dedicated, paint your body a blue-gray color to look just like the statue.