#WhatTheBuzz — 6 Trends from This Week

We get it. The internet is a vast realm of clickbait, subtweets, catfights and lies. Daily, humanity is bombarded with trends like #ReplaceMovieTitleWithToilet or #ThingsIGetAlot until the good trends are nothing but a distant memory in the virtual realm.

Luckily, the ORANGE Buzzers have compiled a list of our favorite trends from this week.

Emily Nash – #DearMe

This Sunday is International Women’s Day, and in honor of that, YouTube has a launched a girl-power campaign that encourages women and girls to give advice to their younger selves.

To get a headstart on the campaign, the hashtag #DearMe on Twitter went viral.The females of Twitter are tweeting advice they wish they would have heard when they were younger. Well-known YouTubers like Bunny Meyer (better known as Grav3yardgirl), Laci Green and the CEO of YouTube Susan Wojcicki have posted their #DearMe videos on YouTube, offering advice to themselves and to young girls.

Some of the tweets and videos are quirky, others are about relationships, but a lot are about staying focused to keeping oneself happy and healthy.

Looking back at 14-year-old Emily who wore way too much eyeliner and felt much too insecure, I wish I could tell her that it gets better. Much better.

Karla Pulido – Childish Gambeano

Earlier this week, #ChildishGambeano began trending on Twitter. Thinking it was some weird video of Childish Gambino, aka Donald Glover, making a fart joke or something, I followed the hashtag. I was not disappointed.

The hashtag revealed a morphed picture of Gambino and Beans (Steven Anthony Lawrence)  from Even Stevens. It appears that the photo first appeared in early February but gained popularity this week.

The parody twitter account @BeansMemes seems to have made or at least promoted this picture. It is currently on my inspiration board, since Photoshop was used so flawlessly.

The parody twitter account @BeansMemes seems to have made or at least promoted this picture. It is currently on my inspiration board, since Photoshop was used so flawlessly.

Emma Whalen – Cat Island

French Existentialist Jean-Paul Sartre famously wrote “Hell is other people.” There have been many times in my life when I couldn’t agree more with that statement, but this week, I finally caught a glimpse of what my own personal hell actually is. It’s here on Earth, and everyone on the internet seems to think it’s really cool.

Earlier this week, stories, pictures and videos from Aoshima, a small Japanese island where cats outnumber people 6 to 1, flooded the web. The Atlantic, CNN, People Magazine and The Wall Street Journal all published stories about it.

The 22 human residents and eager tourists feed the 120 feral cats that roam the island. Cats were originally introduced to catch mice on fishing boats and then THEY TOOK OVER THE ENTIRE ISLAND.

I don’t understand why more people aren’t freaking out about this.

The day I set foot on Aoshima will be the day I am forced to reckon with whatever sins I have somehow committed against the cat universe. It will not be pretty.

A few cats were brought to help out humans and now they’re running the place, not only getting fed by residents but also by tourists who TRAVEL FROM THEIR HOMES FAR AWAY FROM CAT ISLAND TO FEED THE CATS ON CAT ISLAND.

That is such a cat thing to do.

Christina Burke – Blonde hair, don’t care

Do blondes really have more fun? The age old question was answered this week when Kim Kardashian and Jared Leto dyed their hair blonde. And, naturally, the people of the internet did what they do best: They related everything back to Harry Potter.

First there were crazy accusations as a result of mistaken identity.

(To be fair, it’s pretty accurate.)

But then this happened.

And suddenly it seems as if the Wizarding World is colliding with Hollywood. If only.

Even Tom Felton, who played Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter films, commented on the trending topic.

While the overall opinions of Kim and Jared’s new hairdos vary, I support it. Welcome to the fam, guys.

I guess this is just further proof that blondes rule the world.

Emily Gibson – #WeaselPecker

You know how sometimes you see something that makes you question the entire world around you? It shocks you right down to your core until you’re not quite certain that anything is real – is that chair a chair? What’s a chair? What are legs?

That’s how I felt when I saw this image of a weasel riding a woodpecker.

In what world do woodpeckers become a vehicle for a lazy weasel? Do weasels and woodpeckers have some strange convention — the “Animals People Forget Are Real” convention, no doubt — that puts them in close enough proximity for the strange relationship to occur? Is the weasel paying the woodpecker a nice ration of nuts or sticks or whatever it is that a woodpecker wants in exchange for his services?

After the #WeaselPecker image dropped, people began replacing the weasel with other images, like Miley Cyrus.

I don’t understand why the Internet felt the need to do this because the original image was strange enough. It was a weasel. And that weasel was riding a woodpecker. While the woodpecker was flying.

These photoshopped images of celebrities riding the woodpecker must be society’s way of coping with the crippling fact that we will never truly understand our strange world. We trend what we don’t know.

But I just want to know where this rowdy duo was going.

Lauren L’Amie - #wafflesarepancakes

Coming in as a close second place this week for the coveted Most Outraged People On Twitter award, (preceded only by #TheDress debacle) is #WafflesArePancakes. The original tweets went viral from popular Viner Christian Leave’s Twitter account:

Within minutes, hundreds of enraged, frightened, mostly teen fans flooded Leave’s page with alternating cries of blasphemy and agreement. Visions were shattered and the world seemed turned on its head.

The teens were offended and, frankly, distraught. Are waffles just pancakes with convenient syrup holders? The #teens of Twitter want to know. If a waffle is really a pancake, where do crepes fall? Or French toast? Or danishes? IF A WAFFLE IS A PANCAKE, THEN IS A HOT DOG A SANDWICH?

Even in the midst of chaos, nothing is over until Perez says it is: