Your Ultimate Guide to Throwing a Watch Party for “A Year in the Life” Like a True Gilmore Girl (or Guy)

The highly-anticipated “Gilmore Girls” series revival, which premiered on Netflix early this morning, deserves a celebration worthy of our two favorite pop culture fanatics. Follow these steps below for the perfect watch party.

y Nicole Farrell

1. Clear your schedule today; after enjoying Thanksgiving with your family and getting a good night's rest (unless you stayed up all night and started watching as soon as it released at 2:01 a.m. Central Time -- which, if you’re a true “Gilmore Girls” fan, is exactly what you did, right?), it’s time to devote the rest of the break to our favorite girls.

2. Load up on the essential foods. In the Gilmore household (and anywhere they go), coffee is a must. And since the episodes will be premiering in the wee hours of the morning, it will be crucial for you too. Drink it black to make Rory and Lorelai proud, but if bitter isn’t your thing, try your hand at making Lorelai’s favorite from Weston’s: mocha chocolate caramel swirl-a-chino with extra whip cream. For more sweet treats, be sure to have Pop-Tarts handy, as well as Twinkies and Red Vines. For food that will actually fill you up, order in! Go for Chinese food, pizza or burgers.

3. Change into your wackiest PJs. You know, those fleece pants with poodles all over them that your mom gifted to you? Wear them proudly and snuggle in.

4. Mix up a batch of fake snow. As you probably know, no one is a bigger fan of snow than Lorelai, and celebrating new episodes wouldn’t be complete without a winter wonderland in a bowl. Wouldn’t be complete without a mini winter wonderland.

5. Listen to The Bangles essential hits and get in your groove.

6. Re-watch the finale, “Bon Voyage” to set the scene and get in your feels.

7. Settle in with a hot toddy or that sixth cup of coffee, and get ready to press play. Our favorite quirky Connecticutians are back!!!