10 Rules Dua Lipa Didn't Mention

Breakups are hard and the only thing that helps cure them is time. But how can we successfully get over our exes? Dua Lipa’s iconic rules - don’t answer their calls, don’t let them in, and don’t be their friend, have offered some great tips to get started. Here are ten more that she didn’t mention that should help.

Story by Sabrina Martinez

1. Be safe! Whether it’s your Tinder date, a friend with benefits or a long time partner, it is ALWAYS important to protect yourself from any danger.

2. Let bygones be bygones. Don’t stalk or “casually message” your ex on social media.

3. Avoid drunk-dialing/texting at all costs. Put your phone away if you’re having just a little too much to drink. You’ll avoid the embarrassment you’ll feel later.

4. Don’t feel obligated to stay on a date you don’t want to be on. If you feel uncomfortable or start to realize that you just aren’t vibing, tell them.

5. Spread the love! If you’re single, you don’t have to be bitter and you don’t have to be in a relationship to show a little love to someone.

6. Don’t waste all your time swiping right to find someone quick. Indulge in the dark realm of dating apps but don’t get stuck in it!

7. Love yourself. Remind yourself of all your glory. Remind yourself of how awesome you are and reward yourself. Even if that means going on a date with yourself.

8. Shred ’em and forget ’em. Going through a breakup is perfect way to revitalize and make yourself brand new. Put away anything that reminds you of heartbreak and have a fresh clean start.

9. Make a bold move. Don’t be afraid to say or do what you’ve been wanting to. Tell your crush you like them, ask someone out or tell someone off. Just live life to the fullest.

10. Be confident and stop looking. Don’t stress out just because all your friends are tied down. Your time will come when it’s right, be patient!