Pulp accepts freelance and creative work from students.

Contributors can submit content including but not limited to poetry, prose, photo stories, short films, opinion pieces and drawings.

View submission guidelines below.


submission process

  • Email pitch(es) in paragraph form and attach media (photo, gif, video, illustration, etc.) for each submission.

  • If you do not provide media, clearly describe your idea for art instead. An ORANGE photographer or designer will fulfill your request.

    • If media is your Pulp submission (photo story, film, etc.), do not include additional art ideas.

  • An editor will reply to approve a pitch or provide feedback.

  • The completed piece is due no later than 2 weeks after the editor’s approval. Extensions allowed.

  • Share the finished piece with editing access in a Google Doc or folder.

  • Include your preferred name and a short bio.


submission guidelines

  • Contributors must be enrolled in UT Austin at the time of submission.

  • Submitting a pitch or completed work does not guarantee publication. If a piece is on track for publishing, an Editor will send a confirmation email.

  • If a Pulp contributor requests media from an ORANGE artist, the contributor’s description will be used as a guide. The ORANGE artist ultimately decides all stylistic features and aesthetic preferences.

  • All submissions are subject to editing and final decisions are made by the Managing Editors and Editors-in-Chief.